The Busquitos – The Netherlands

The Busquito’s from The Netherlands play a very catchy mix of brilliantly played music and dazzling, funny entertainment that will put a smile on everyone’s face!

The Busquito’s play their merry jazzy tunes, sung with an impressive Louis Armstrong like hoarse voice….  And if the time is right, they will mingle, wireless and play a serenade organize a limbo- or line-dance or get  the audience to sing along to one of their catchy jazzy tunes. High class entertainment for the youngest (colouring sheets and a grab-bag) up to the elderly (Mac The Knife, Tico Tico…)

The Busquito’s are:
Jelle van Tongeren (winner of “The Golden Satchmo!”, Hot Club De Frank)- violin and Thomas Streutgers (winner of “The Big Boss Award”, Big Jay Mc Neely, JZZZZZP, Rude Rich & The Highnotes, The Soulsnatchers)- saxophone .  Two brilliant instrumentalists who have been showing their skills on stages all around Europe and beyond…

To round out this swinging quartet, they invited guitarist Daniel Versteegh and bassist/vocalist Ronald de Jong (nominated for Holland’s best blues-bass-player 2010, Big Jay McNeely, Shane Mac Gowan, Boyd Small) to join them.

The Busquito’s play a large variety of music that goes back from anywhere as far as the ‘roaring twenties’ until yesterday.  Hot Club, Jazz, Pop Rock&Roll, Classical Music, you’ll hear it all! Songs by Disney, Django Reinhart, the Mills Brothers, Sonny Rollins, and Irving Berlin, just to name a few as well as catchy tunes as Yackety Sax (Benny Hill), The Love Boat, The Flintstones, The Nanny, Bonanza, Rawhide… etc etc.

The Busquito’s have proven their skills on the streets, parties and pubs, as well as on big stages at jazzfestivals . 2013 and 2014 they will visit Holland, Belgium, Germany, The Uk, Ireland, Italy, Denmark and Turkey!

The Busquito’s won “Silver Cap”at a buskers festival in Leiden-NL. Third price at “The Strassenmusikfestival” in Ludwigsburg-Germany. And in 2013 they were voted (by both Jury and Public) to “Best Dutch Streetband” on Dutch National Radio.

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